Monday, July 6, 2020

My Dataplus (Coming soon)

The Dataplus Web Portal is clear, safe and up to date. Above all, it is tuned to your personal requirements. Exactly as a web portal should be. You have direct access to the data that you need.

The advantages of your personal web portal:

  • Immediate access to your own business specific software licenses. Inclusive an overview of license that you have per manufacturer.
  • Direct access to the maintenance terms of your licenses. Immediately after loggin, you see which licenses need to be urgently extended. Of course, only if it is applicable.
  • An overview of all your contracts. With beginning and end dates. We scan these for you, which allows you to see the data.Een overzicht van uw licentiecertificaten.
  • An overview of your license certifications.
  • Important knowledge over the exact state of affairs in your administration:
    • Which offers are open?
    • Which offer are current?
    • Which backorders do you have?
    • Which invoices are open?
    • Possibility to request invoice copies.
  • Insight to your own profile. You can contact us if we have not saved the correct data.
  • And possibly the most important, you can give colleagues access to share information.  You can also request an account for your financial administration, so they can request themselves copies of the invoices.  We can imagine that not everyone should have access to all information on the web portal, such as information about licenses or open invoices.  Therefore, we assign an “administrator” for each company, that determines the rights of the other users.


Would you like to know more about Dataplus Web Portal?  Please  contact with one of our account managers!